Thermocouple Compensating Extension Grade Conductor for J, K, R, S, B, T, E, N etc.



Individual Shielding (Screening):

Two / Four cores are uniformly twisted together to form a pair / quad. The Cable may have no. of pairs / quads as required. Each pair can be shielded individually with Aluminum Mylar and drain wire.

Overall Shielding:

After individual shielding of single pair with Aluminum Mylar, an overall shield on total no. of pairs of Aluminum Mylar or Annealed Tinned Copper Braid or both can be done as per requirements. This provides effective shielding where cross talk & noise can be at minimum.

For Multi Pair cables, no. of pairs are twisted together and then shielded with Aluminum Mylar or Annealed Tinned Copper Braid or both.

Inner Sheath:

After Shielding, Inner Sheath of PVC / FRLS PVC


It is applied over Inner Sheath and it consist either of galvanized round wire of galvanized flat strip. The main function of armoring is mechanical protection of the cable.

Outer Sheath:

After Armoring, an Outer Sheath of PVC / FRLS PVC / LD / HD / PP / HOFR jacketing or any other material as required is provided. In case of unarmored cable, Inner Sheath & Outer Sheath is the same.