Pneumatic Vibrators :

In automation factories there are different piping system, conveyors, weighing arrangement, dust collector for production process. Material characteristics (moisture, SG etc.) and equipment design (size, layout) are usually the causes for accumulation in the pipes and tanks.Pneumatic Vibrators are the best suited in such situations. Pneumatic vibrators will shake off all the clogged material and eliminate the friction in the automation process. The vibration is forced by compressed air which can be easily operated without spark and hence can be supplied in humid, hazardous & other industrial environment. Power, force and amplitude can be adjusted while operating.

Various types of Vibrators are available.

• Air Hammer
• Piston Vibrator
• Pneumatic Vibrators

  • Pneumatic Vibrators:

    Pneumatic Ball Vibrators are equipped with steel ring and ball inside. It is tightly sealed by plastic covers. Vibration take place when steel balls are forced with are pushed by compressed and centrifugal force is produced by ball rotary motion. Its high vibration can prevent material jam in pipe delivery. It can also be operated in concrete injection process.

    This model has its application in vibrating separator, conveyor, automatic component arrangement, electroplating built up, protection material, packing process and process molding.

    • Special aluminum alloy, small size, light weight.
    • Fine enclosure protection can be applied in high humidity and dusty working conditions.
    • Frequency and amplitude of vibration can be adjusted as required.
    • Low price and durable.

    Piston Vibrators :

    In Piston Vibrators, there are tubes located at both end of the cylinder. Air is compressed into the tube to push piston from one side to the other. Strong Vibrations are created due to the movement of the piston into the cylinder. Air cushion are created at both the ends would not provide pistons to touch the body and hence noise free operation.

    Direct impact of piston impact can get rid of rust and material attachment inside the pipes and low SG moisture material and material built up in the tank.

    • Highly strengthened aluminum body.
    • Low frequency continuous impact model, sudden activation / deactivation.
    • Frequency and amplitude of impact can be adjusted as desired.
    Direct impact onto target object to produce the optimum vibration feedback.

    Air Hammer:

    There is a power magnet inside the air hammer. As the inlet air pressure is higher than the magnetic force, the hammer & magnet will separate and cause strong impact power. Spring would hammer back the magnet to its original position after the impact. This will help smooth the flow inside the container.

    It is often applied on to pipe & elbow clean and tank filled with humidity or small S.G. material.

    • One impact wave for one short.
    • Highly strengthened aluminum structure.
    • Impact force and timing interval can be set by request.
    • Extended magnetic strength to increase piston impact power.